Friday, January 11, 2013

Rehearsal Drop In: #5 Wes Andrews' Dollargirl, Jr.

At time of this report, the cast has been set, and the crew is establishing tone. "Monty Python" is discussed for the delivery of a particular line. It's established that Kal"eb Kerr Hagen will be playing a sorcerer..."Can't expect me to toss around money like I'm Snoopy Poop Doop Dog!"

The family depicted is *really* well off, although the course of their fates is influenced by the secrets in the matriarch's, played by Lisa Viertel, past.

This is a short and sweet little piece, with the potential to have a big impact in a contained period of time. The director anxiously awaits for the design teams to show up, and gets the actors on their feet.

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