Saturday, January 12, 2013

Show #5 Tech: Wayne Rawley's Camp Lake Sunnylake

That Beatles' cover is mixed with a healthy dose of Sid Vicious, it turns out. Meanwhile, could we get a hand for the knee-length tube socks, folks? Kaleb Hagen Kerr, Colleen Carey and Tonya Andrews make a winning case for their re-emergence. Then Frank Lawler enters wearing...Look, if you can pick up the wink/nod reference in Rawley's title, there are only a few archetypes that you can imagine.

This is a sound heavy show, so several problems are presented and talked through. A blood curdling scream is marked, and then we switch to a gogo dance routine, which is rendered literal, as the band plays a genergic version of the Gogo's "We Got The Beat." There is the rehearsal of a final bit of gruesomeness built into the script, which requires a number of screaming rehearsals, the last moment of the play is touched on, and unfortunately, time has run out on this crew.

The merciless clock marches onward to show #6.

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