Saturday, January 12, 2013

Show #1 Tech: Paul Mullin's The Patriarch

Tech begins on time, and we're rolling. First things first, the table needs a chair. Virgin director Pamala Mijatov asks to take a look at the special on the platform in front of the band, which needs to be a little brighter. Trick comes back with a couple of modern chairs for the table, which need to have more of a 50s feel. Trick goes off in search of that.

While light levels are set, the actors are on stage running through their traffic patters. Virgin actor Sean Ryans practices the sermon he'll be delivering at the top of the show. Trick finds a chair appropriate enough for Pamala, and places it by the table. It is immediately spiked. Pamala goes back to setting cues with Angelo.

15 Minutes. It is unsure if there will be enough time for a run through, so Pamala is making sure the lighting cues look like they fit. The band practices the chorus to "Take Me Home Tonight."

10 Minutes. The band will rehearse going from the intro song into the scene when the time comes. "I'm of German descent," proclaims Stephanie Kim. Ben Burris practices his entrance from the vom, and the light cues are set! The timing will allow this crew to do a run of the piece.

The band has a lilting Irish tune (duo between flute and recorder); Daniel Chercover and Stephanie have an All in the Family-esque exchange. Ben and Sean are brothers, one of whom is joining the Army and the other is a priest (respectively). Daniel has a rant to ring out the show and tech is over.

Jason gives the band the time to run their transition song and we move into show #2.

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