Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rehearsal Drop-in #5 Camp Lake SunnyLake

I hear the word "reefer" generously bandied about and I'm instantly interested. On my way up to the rehearsal room I ran into this weekend's Mazen winner Wayne Rawley and asked him how his writing went last night. He's feeling good about it, and, judging by how the actors are enthusiastically reading through the script, I'd say his cast is feeling good about it too. Virgin Director Andrew Huntley consults with designers Jana Hutchinson and Cole Hornaday. Jana asks Andrew if he wants "entrails or just blood."  The actors finish the first read through and Kaleb Hagen-Kerr tells them that Wayne wrote the best 14/48 play of all time that made it into some anthology of short plays. Apparently on paper the script was a little over 10 pages but in performance lasted 30 minutes because the audience was laughing so hard on every line!

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