Friday, January 11, 2013

Eavesdropping on the Designers

Show #2 (Marcy Rodenbergenboren's Voyage of the Singing Sally) needs a 1910 Jack London sort of look, according to Veteran designer Cole Hornaday, and the individual needs of what that means for her play is discussed--this is the piece that Richard Ziman was discussing earlier regarding the opium addict, which ceretainly evokes a certain mood.

Show #5 needs funny boxer shorts...Not novelty boxer shorts, but still comedic to look at. No one is quite sure exactly what that means, but the designers will endeavor to provide. Veteran actor Katie Driscoll comes in updating her character's costume (a pregnancy belly is now required), and leaves quickly. Veteran designer Charlotte Peters is in the middle of talking about another show when the update registers, she looks up and yells across the room: "Hey Katie, when and why do you need a pregnancy belly?" Katie complies.

The design requirements is quite long on this Friday, a danger of having a majority of Veteran writers--they know what they want and what is possible to get from this team. Side trips to various thrift stores, theater company costume shops, and people's basements are planned. This stands in stark contrast with last weekend's design demands.

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