Friday, January 11, 2013

Turned on by Turnabout

Paul Mullin's play is peppered with crowd-pleasing banter and topical subject matter. The cast is marking through with great stride. Is it bad that I really want to see this cast out of their clothes? You will too. Pressure is on thick to be off book first for the #1 slot!

"There's a really long ellipsis here," says Mike Mathieu. Sean Ryan shouts "It's really long!" Thankfully they're not acting David Mamet here. "Going down is the tricky part," notes Virgin Director Corey McDaniel. Kenna Kettrick asks if they should "go down sooner." Tracy Leigh is making noises I imagine are normally only privy to her newlywed husband Bret Fetzer.

This play will answer the question "What if you only have one thingie and the other person only has one thingie?" Enquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

JJ - you are always wanting to see people w/o clothes - going for the "sex sells" avenue I see – several post about vajayjays and being naked! I Love it! Good on you for partaking in the fancy smoking patio!

Blog baby blog!

Anonymous said...

for "not" partaking....