Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rehearsal Drop-in #1 The Patriarch

Veteran Writer Paul Mullin and Virgin Actor Stephanie Kim are chatting it up on break. There's talk about the differences between the theater communities of Chicago vs. Seattle. Paul says you can really get your arms around the scene here while "Chicago is more of a silo, and 14/48 is a silo-buster." New York is also mentioned and the fact that if you're a playwright in NY no one is going to ask you to act in their play, whereas in Seattle you're free to be a triple threat if you want. Paul drew play slot #1 again and he says he wants to do something different and start the night off on a more quiet note, especially since Scot Augustson is closing the festival out with slot #7.  The temporary silence of the actors mulling over their lines is broken by the sound of Paul whistling.

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