Saturday, January 12, 2013

Band Rehearsal

Sitting in on a rehearsal and I'm reminded of what a terrific asset these excellent musicians are. They usually try to put an original song, based on the theme of the evening, into the show. They also play covers and scene change music, as well as an assortment of sound effects called for in the action. Sitting in their places at the back of the stage, they are a bit removed from the rest of the activity in the building (except, of course, when actors wander in to try and find their places on stage). But come showtime... the energy and creative strength of the band establishes the tone of the entire evening, and they never let 14/48 down.

BTW, the leader of the band just stormed off in a whirlwind of anger and vulgarity. Other angry musicians shouted after him. Someone said, "He does this every fucking time."

Then he came back and sat down and they started back in, trying to figure out a sound effect for "when he dives into the sea". The guy who said "He does this..." says, rather quietly, "I almost thought he really meant it."

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