Saturday, January 12, 2013

Corrections, Confessions, Addendums

Let's start with a correction: the earlier call for massive amounts of blood has been curtailed to some amount of blood. Unfortunately, the script that called for all of the viscera (Mazen recipient Wayne Rawley's Camp Lake Sunnylake) takes place just after intermission, meaning that clean up after the show, during the transition into show #6, is nearly impossible to handle in an efficient and risk-free manner. There will, however, be entrails...possibly.

There is a newly begun search for severed heads, and Veteran designer Cole Hornaday says that he can provide the alien. Several ideas for Mazen recipient Bret Fetzer's play The Adventures of Henry have to start from scratch, as a valued source for a number of childhood memorabilia is no longer around.

The design team is excited, however. More as it develops.

Now it's time for some clarification: Yesterday, this blog outed Virgin director Andrew Huntley as a Steelers fan--there is a reason for that. Andrew is, in actuality, a Pittsburgh-er who travelled across the country in order to experience 14/48 first hand, with the possibility of bringing the world's best/quickest theater festival behind the Steel curtain. Andrew, who may or may not have a "Terrible Towel" in his luggage, claims he is having a great time here, so we'll forgive his hometown proclivities (as long as he cheers on the Seahawks on Sunday against the Falcons).

Finally, this blog knows that Veteran playwright Marcy's last name is actually Rodenborn. We just like spelling it Rickenbocker.

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