Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rehearsal Drop In #7 - Betsy Barker Episode #37

Scot Augustson's 1 man 4 women play directed by Mark Fullerton. Basic blocking and trying to imagine how it will translate to the platforms, steps and levels of the actual stage. This show has a live dog in it. Teru McDonald and Kenna Kettrick come up with a great physical bit, and then, with Mark, figure out where it can fit into the script. Lots of penciling going on in their scripts.

"Tails will be wagging or heads will roll." Harry Todd Jamieson

Mark "Bigger is better, definitely, with this kind of a script." Alliterative tongue twisters galore. "Harry, you will ALWAYS take center stage."

Amy Christer is not happy with this job. "Oh, it's disgusting, really. He takes in strays. Then he..."

"A bitch in heat won't keep."

Robina Robinowitz: "People have died of sheer joy when they have beheld my work." Katie Driscoll is eating this up.

I'm not sure Scot will be happy with what they've done to his serious literary drama.


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