Friday, January 11, 2013


First Show: Two characters on ladders. Lights to be adjusted. Of course the actors, with their barely memorized lines, now have them broken into pieces as movement, music, sound and lights are integrated. The director has seven more minutes. TD gives them an unexpected extra run of the ending.

Second Show: A sailing ship at sea. Two lines dropped from the flies, a helmsman's wheel and the frame of a bow. Cast is well prepared, director is confident. Nicely integrating sound effects from the band. Dramatic lighting. Little sketchy on lines in the later half, but, hell, it's early.

Third Show: Simple Set: three small settees, a table, some gifts and a stuffed toy horse. This one is all about the acting and that's in very good shape. Even the first blocking run on the set is going smoothly. Eight minutes left at the end of a complete run-through and the director has only suggestions on making it all play better.  

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