Friday, January 11, 2013

While Tech Is Happening

Behind the scenes, things are still taking shape. Artist Liaison Megan Ahiers is keeping the AL area bumping with a selection of old school hip hop...Some rumination on the fact that Outkast's "Rosa Parks" constitutes 'old school' but moving on...

Checking in with the design team, things are rolling smoothly. Michael Mowery informs me that they are a little bit ahead of schedule at the moment, which is followed by a furtive knocking on wood by yours truly.

The cast of Paul Mullin's Turnabout have just come back from their tech and are lounging in the Bullitt, running through lines. Veteran actor Kenna Ketrick is sporting a particularly gawdy wig...we'll see if we can get pictorial evidence to you soon.

Meanwhile, the costume mistresses are on top of it; Emily McGaughlin has the robes that the band has been requesting, and Charlotte Peters has Pattie Miles Van Beuzekom check out the pregnancy pillow that Veteran actor Amy Christer will be wearing during Wayne Rawley's Pianos, Bikes, Swimming and God.

Downstairs in the dressing rooms, Virgin designer Jana Hutchinson is sporting the latest in caveman stylings. Upstairs, Megan is now rolling with Big Baby Jesus, and Jodi Paul comes back from a trip abroad.

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