Friday, January 11, 2013


Inside the Bullitt, more conversations are spiraling out from artist enthusiasm. Ahhh, Friday energy, so plentiful and cogent.  Mazen Award recipient Jason Harber is giving Andy Jensen a bunch of shit. "Yeah, Jensen's bottom line as a director is 'does the playwright recognize his play? If the answer is yes, then he doesn't think he's done his job."

Speaking of directors, Virgin Corey McDaniel has some notes for the 10:30p.m. show...He spots his actor Tracy Leigh and asks her if she feels good. She confesses that she thinks such questions are a trap, "how do you feel? Feeling good? Great, cuz you were kind of shitty." Corey assures her that that isn't how it's meant.

And now the full crew is in the Bullitt, and such nuggets can only be gleaned from close proximity. More as Act II commences.

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