Saturday, January 12, 2013

Show #4 Tech: Marcy Rodenborn's I Dare You

The band cover's Beck's "Loser" heading into show #4, and the transition involves both an onstage practical, and a large flat that looks vaguely Mediterranean. There are a lot of stage elements going into this piece, so time is taken placing everything correctly and spiking it. Afterward, we go back to the end of show #3 and work the transition, and it is a testament to the run crew's professionalism that it goes smoothly after the only going through it once.

This tech time is more of a cue to cue rehearsal, as the numerous cues are worked through for clarity. As a result, a clear idea of the play's throughline will be gleaned at show time tonight. Meanwhile, Trick establishes where the individual set pieces will come from within the Falls' groundplot.

Then everyone rehearses the play's final moments, which involves a reprise of a classic bit of McCartney/Lennon songwriting, and we're into Intermission.

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