Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tech Rehearsal Shows 1 & 2.

Here we go!

Show #1: In His Name by Tina LaPlant
Directed by Timothy Hyland

Very solemn intro from the band. Tim Hyland will be providing sound cues from the vom himself. I do not wish to reveal the surprise, but I will simply say he has probably been rehearsing for these cues since he was four. In one sentence, this play explores the most basic human condition. And my earlier prediction about Jason's drinking binge being the funniest thing tonight may be in jeopardy. 

To add to the contradiction of this "The Sacred and the Profane" play, Tim asks Dave Baldwin, "Dave, what can we do about Libby's face? Any thing?" Then realizing what he just said, he adds, "I mean it's beautiful but I just can't see it". Dave, unable to resist the joke, responds, "Not very much. Do we have a baseball bat?" Libby - I don't care what these goons say, you look wonderful as a nun. 

*ouch* This is already a very mean tech rehearsal. 

Tim's running out of time, so we rush through the last moment of the play and the band transitions into the blackout.

Show #2: The Unknowable by Maggie Lee
Directed by Suzanne Cohen

Here comes the tentacle show. While the stage crew is working out the tentacle logistics with the cast and Suzanne, the band is perfecting monster sounds (and they sound like they've been practicing these since they were 4 too!) I haven't seen any rehearsals of this show until now - has a little Indiana Jones feel to it. The cast makes a dash out one vom and enters through the other. For those of you who've been back stage at Falls Theatre, that's a long dash! 

The band outros with a rockin' number. Transition to show #3.

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