Saturday, January 5, 2013

Construction Update

Gerard, Gary, Michael and Charlotte are working on eagle's nest, monster tentacle and eagle wings. Here are some more pictures of what's in the works.

Charlotte making eagle wings
"What are you working on Charlotte? Eagle nest or monster tentacles?"

"I'm making the eagle wings."

"Oh, I forgot about the wings! That's very cool."

"Yes, but wait till you see the armadillo."

Wow, now I'm intrigued.

Gerard explains what the tentacles might look like.

So I walk over to Gerard to talk about the tentacles. I ask him what he intends to do with the HVAC ducts.

"Well, I think we'll paint it a mix of brown and black. The handling sticks will be straight black. But we also have to stick some suction plugs on it too."

Suction plug on the tentacle - testing to see if it'll stick.

Outside frame for the eagle nest

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