Friday, January 4, 2013

Rehearsals Underway

The playwrights got here first and turned in their plays. Then came the directors and designers, and started reading them. Finally, the actors were picked, scripts handed out, rehearsal spaces assigned, and Bullitt cabaret cleared out.

Peggy Gannon talks to Alex Samuels,
Charles Smith and Andrew Murry.
They're scattered all over ACT theatre - in Busters, in Lower Falls Lobby, in the Allen, in the Allen green room, on the 8th floor, in the Lalei and in the Bullitt dressing room #4!

If you linger in any of the rehearsal spaces, you might overhear some serious theatre making, like Peggy Gannon telling her cast "As long as we're not all coming from a place of anger, I think we'll be fine."

In a different space, Ben McFadden suggests, "let's go Monty Python with this... we can always pull it back if we need to".

"Or take it further", director Paul Budraitis responds.

Over in Allen Green Room, director Suzanne Cohen tells the cast to take it from the top. As the actors get in place, Sara Coates yells out "let's turn this bitch into a musical!" Virgin actor Justin Huertas chuckles, "done and done!"

Back in the Bullitt, the designers are discussing props and costumes. "We need three babies and dog that fall from the sky. The second baby needs to bleed when it hits the ground", explains K.D. Schill.

Justin Huertas, Adria LaMorticella and Sara Coates
rehearse Obstakles For To Make Honeymoon.
"Does it actually need to bleed, or are they wrapped in such a way that you can't really tell?" Gary Menendez seeks clarification.

"Well, he'd like a splatter effect", responds K.D. Schill, referring to director Manuel Cawaling.

"That's fine. We have plenty of babies. We can get a blood pack, and weight it so it hits blood pack first." Gary Menendez has solved another problem.

14/48 caravan rolls along.

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