Friday, January 4, 2013

Hanging with The Band

Wandering around this huge joint after popping one of my little Vitamin V helpers for the bum knees (that's right) and I hear a pretty voice.  Look!  Behind that big drape - it's Alyssa Keene and she's meowing out a song.  The band is on the stage working together so nicely.  This will be the best band in all the land.  Yes, I'm kissing up in the hopes that a Rod Stewart song might be added.

Oh!  Here's a cute man named Brad moving the band upstage in anticipation of actors possibly tripping over the keyboard.

I wonder if they have a sub name besides The 14/48 Band.  I suggest we call them "The 14/48 Band: The World's Hottest Band."  The members include:

Michael Adams
Adam Creighton
Alan Echison
Theresa Holmes
Alyssa Keene
Shawnmarie Stanton
Steve Stearns

There are going to be magical harps.  This is cool man.  I am the groupie.  The band members are talking with British accents.  I'm outta my mind.

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Lisa B said...

I love all your meows. It's just like being there.