Friday, January 4, 2013

I Dream of Designers

The designers and design assistants make some grand magic for the 14/48 plays.  Plus they are adorable.  Plans are being made for who goes where to beg, borrow and steal.  "Kirkland?  We have to go to Kirkland?"

My new boyfriend, David Messerschmidt.  He probably thought I wouldn't be able to spell his last name but I'm all over that stuff.  David is a virgin volunteer!

Look how much Will wants me here.  This is Will Abrahamse who is a veteran design guy specializing in props and set design.  He is also a good kisser.

Here's my long-time boyfriend, Michael Mowery.  Although he looks as though he is perturbed by my presence he is really yearning to nibble my neck here.  I love you Michael!

Here's our costume designer K.D. Schill.  The always styling wondrous woman can take my measurements anytime.


Lisa B said...

You are adorable.

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