Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lunch Room Update

We have a new member of the stage management crew! Shaudi Bianca Vahdat will be calling the light cues tonight. I asked her how familiar she was with the 14/48 process, and she said, "well, I have stage managed before".

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat
Photo: Agastya Kohli
I asked if she'd ever seen or been involved in 14/48 in the past. Undaunted, she responded, "no, but I'm familiar with the process. David Baldwin and I had a good conversation and he told me what I should expect." Brave girl, isn't she?

I chatted with David about his new assistant. He said he will be designing the show just as he did yesterday, and Shaudi will call the light cues for the board op. And once the cues are all ready to go, 14/48 is not much different from other shows, when it comes to calling the show. I think we're in good hands!

Nin Robare, all done sneezing
Photo: Agastya Kohli
In other news, Nin - the production assistant with the documentary crew can't stop sneezing - which is tricky considering she's standing right behind the camera team that's recording cast/crew interviews, and Amanda Lee Williams can't stop coughing. Ever attentive Manuel Cawaling brought her some water. If this doesn't solve the problem we might need to attempt the Heimlich maneuver.

Amanda fakes a cough for camera
Photo: Agastya Kohli

A lot of the actors here having lunch are sticking with their casts and either running lines or discussing moments from the play. Very studious group. Sarah Winsor found an empty table to be by herself.

Finally, Michael Mowery is here, and he says "We need a canvas rucksack. Can you put it on the blog and see if anyone has one?" So if you have one, or know someone who does, please chime in.

Sarah Winsor. Lines be memorized.
Photo: Agastya Kohli

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