Saturday, January 5, 2013

K.D. our Costumer Goes For A Ride

K.D. Schill, Michael Mowery, WillAbrahamse, Dave Baldwin, Gary Menendez, Gerard Menendez
Photo by Joe Iano
I got to take a walk with the amazingly talented K.D. Schill who borrowed my auto to make her costuming run.  Amy Lazerte and Charlotte Peters join K.D. for today's costume magic.  I hope the 14/48 gods help her along like they did yesterday when Chris Ensweiler whipped out a pair of blue skivvies to round out his Spider Man costume for last night's Act II opener, Touched for the Very First Time by Matt Smith.

K.D. Schill
Photo by Teri Lazzara

Paul Budraitis, K.D. Schill, Gary Menendez
Photo by Joe Iano

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