Saturday, January 5, 2013

7:00 pm Meeting and I wanna Rock

Lots of actors in cool costumes.  Playwrights are here!  More volunteers.  It's 7:02 pm where are you?  I see Show #1 but I don't see Mr. Belyea!!!  There he is.  Let's talk about clean-up before party land.  Everything must leave tonight.  All props and costumes back to first dressing room at end of show.  K.D. Schill has my car keys - uh oh.  Is Mulva moving to Kirkland???

Watch out for Charles taking his clothes off in a VOM.   Ron Darling is here talking and I didn't recognize his voice.  I don't know what anyone is talking about because I had a martini and I'm tired.  Erin Fetridge - gives love to virgin SMs. 

Have a great show.  Gotta get some wine now. Peace out.  TJL

P.S. Katie Driscoll made me leave the "Peace out" in.

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