Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tech Rehearsal Show # 5,6 & 7

Show #5: Snow Birds by Brendan Healy
Directed by Peggy Gannon

We spent a few minutes placing the two park benches at the right place on stage. While the cast is working out the timing of their lines as they exit into the vom, Peggy works the sound cues with the band.

Taking it from the top, running with band's intro. Now working the bird sounds.

Beautiful soft ending - couldn't have been any more different than the transition from show 4 to show 5. One final fine tuning on beach sound volume, and we transition to show #6.

Show #6: The Eyrie at the End of the Lane by Jonah Von Spreecken
Directed by Stan Shields

Designers bring in the eagle nest and start assembling on the stage. It has changed from a 12' diameter to a 9' x 9' square. Stan discusses a few things with the band and crew, and the cast sets up to run the show from the top. Alyssa Keene in the band gets to be the worm distributor for Trick's dad-eagle. Stan does a quick sight line check and fixes actor positions on stage.

We're ahead of schedule, so the band gets to rehearse the outro from show 6 a lot more than they normally do. And they sound amazing!

Show 7 cast is now assembling.

Show #7: Slice of Life by Eric Lane Barnes
Directed by Manuel Cawaling

This is the restaurant play. The cast and stage crew took some time figuring out what goes where. Lots of tables and chairs to set up. The band transitions from Fleetwood Mac to restaurant flavored elevator music.

The cast is going to run straight through, and the band picks it up as lights fade to black.

Tech is complete, and Shaudi is a rock star calling the light cues!

Shaudi Vahdat
Photo: Agastya Kohli
Dinner time.

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