Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Act 1

The band gets the party started, with the incomparable Peggy Gannon greeting our full house audience!

Show #1: Tim Hyland's sound effects on the microphone enable this "human condition" piece, set in contradiction of the sacred and the profane. Amanda, Carolyn and Libby have the crowd eating out of their palms.

Show #2: Maggie's monster's tentacles reach out of the dark abyss of backstage and grab the exploring party into the depths of the unknowable. How very Cthulhu of 14/48.

Show #3: As expected, Jason's drinking binge teams up with Chris' teenage mutant ninja armadillo. I don't think any of us were expecting a puke party in the aisles of Falls Theatre.

Show #4: As I mentioned during tech, the band starts this up with Floyd and ends it with U2. Everything in between is so Irish. Charles, Sara, Adria, Zoey and Ashley BRING IT to take us into the intermission.

Get your tickets to the 10:30PM show ASAP!

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That One Guy said...

Anyone else planning on checking out the awesome bars in Tukwila?