Saturday, August 7, 2010


Since I wasn't here yesterday, and I'm not an actor, in order to acquaint myself, I will look at some scenes from yesterday and try to figure out what was happening....

Paul Stettler must be teaching Jodi-Paul Brown-Wooster how to play itsy-bitsy spider.

The band appears to be debating the history of the socialist movement.

Brian Claudio-Smith, John Farrage, and Ahren Buhmann have clearly started a garage band in their parents' basement.

Chris MacDonald is being styled by Lisa Norman. It's hard to get the part just right.

Nik Doner, Michelle Chiachiere and Meghan Arnette (and their pet mouse) are holding a seance over sandwiches. Or blessing the sandwiches. But if you're Catholic, there's not much difference anyway.

Peggy Gannon and Patrick Allcorn are getting married and plotting a bank robbery. It's a good way to start a marriage.

Brandon Simmons and Phillip Endicott re-enact the ancient myth of Dancer and Prancer, the reindeer gods who got lost over the arctic on their way to Canada, and established a new colony of reindeer with nothing but a box of plastic forks.

Colleen Robertson and Annette Auger have just partaken of the kool-aid and are waiting for the spaceship.

Annette Auger and Annette Toutonghi remind Joanna Horowitz that she wore the wrong outfit to Burglar night.

Bob Williams finally found the right outfit to audition for the yellow bear triceratops clapping band.

Jose Amador channels Carol Channing. Of course.

"Great, you stalked me here, didn't you." Says Erin Stewart to Chris MacDonald.

Meghan Arnette tries the old, "I fell and skinned my knee" trick to get out of eating that crap that Michelle Chiachiere calls dinner, but Michelle is on to her.

Peter Dylan O'Connor took a break from acting to call his bookie.

Sylvie Davidson just got made as a spy in India. Not sure how as her outfit is so inconspicuous.

"Oh my god! The wine is gone!" We understand your pain, Mariah Caine Ware.

Buddy Mahoney is trained to kill you in .08 seconds with nothing more than a ballpoint pen.

All Virgins to the Stage is a directive that is either seldom or often seen- according to which industry you work in. Matt Smith, Ahren Buhmann, Stan Shields, Jaime Roberts, and Meghan Arnette may or may not have heard this directive before in another industry.

Tequila shot shadow puppets!

Jaime Roberts, Rob Witmer, and Tina La Plant have a meeting about pretending that they aren't working. For no money.

Phillip Endicott has just been told by Brandon Simmons where the plutonium is. Either that, or Brandon just said something uncharacteristically insane.

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Well, enough pictures of last night. Now it's time to post what's going on today, and perhaps get some actual insider information to weigh against the accuracy of my own assumptions.

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