Friday, August 6, 2010

Design Challenges

Design team huddle (Gary Menedez, Michael Mowery, Dante Olivia-Smith,K.D. Schill, Amy Lazerte)

KD was unphased by any of the costume needs. Apparently she has a whole lot of costume supplies. Tim Moore who is a runner this weekend asks Do you need anything big -sheet goods. Not really. A wedding brower but we have a trellis, we may just use that somehow.

And then they go down the list…

Play #1

Anybody have a deck chair? A beach chair would be perfect.

Fake instruments. Will start building those. A life saver, will cut out also. Grab some rope to dress it?? Yes, Schmee has some. Hemp rope??

Two martini glasses. Always a need for martini glasses. A huka??

Costumes - need round John Lennon glasses. Amy shouts out…They are at the Shmee, they are located at…unless I put them on erin. I know where they are. Tim heads out to Schmee and will call in for the complete list. Three dark wigs needed. KD will grab from her home collection

Play #2

Couch, coffee table and a practical door. Front door of a house. A hand mirror, comb or brush, mails, books, etc. old cell phone, 1980’s early. There is a remote downstairs that will work. No costume needs

Play #3

Booth or benches. Table, one chair. Create a restaurant. Napkins forks, add a condiment holder for the middle of the table. A bib, a large dress, a kids backpack, a jesus kids backpack, a pocket protector. Geek alert.

Play #4

The director cut the window flat. Saw that coming, a designer says. Chairs and table. Needs a third chair. The most modern office chair you can find. Three headsets. A baby in swaddling clothes. I’m all over the bomb. We had some from last week that we didn’t use (ahh, this blogger had nothing to do with that oh no. she didn’t ask design team to build things she didn’t use oh no.)

Costumes are all good, JD will bring some from her supply. Director hadn’t decided on which girl was who but they are the same size so it should be ok


Wedding bower. Props cheesy steering wheel, small wedding bouquet. Bucket of handy wipes. Moist towlettes. A pastry box for the top of the wedding cake. Bakery across the street, we’ll go buy something. Suitcase, camera on a strap. We all love Patrick, he has a three piece pink suit with gold buttons. They weren’t sure they heard pink but collectively the design team is hopeful that indeed it was pink that he said.

Play #6

they need something to sit on at the northpole. What happened to those white cubes. Props, two cigarettes – candy cigarettes. (can you get those anymore? – archie mcfee’s. –discussion pursued of other options.) A northpole sign. Something for snow.

Director’s thinking the band will have the snow, some projected window and the band throws snow at him. Dante talks of a way to put it in the grid. Dante can make it snow. Team will talk to director and see what she wants. We need a glowing nose in a box. What about a bicycle light? I have one I have one!!! We need batteries. AAA.

Two helmets that I can paint, cover fuck up. Need antlers. Coat hangers? Little bit of Santa’s beard. Knee pads. What about floral tape or brown crape paper? Boy howdy what couldn’t we use as snow? Two pairs of brown socks and some plastic cups for hoofs. Bells? Wait. The designers stop themselves. Let’s not suggest gags.

Play #7

no props. No set. Maybe a dragon lair way in the back. Is that it?…no it’s all costumes!!! I have a Big coat for the dragon, says JD. Need a pouch. The coat has a big lap so it could serve as a pocket. A fanny pack? Ok…there’s something NOT in JD’s supplies. Apparently she has everything. Godzilla coat but no fanny pack. A dog cone. Larger the better. A bird beak. Robin. Animal noses but no bird beak says JD. They continue on for another five while I shoot off to another room in the creative caves of TOJ.

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Do you still need sleigh bells?