Friday, August 6, 2010

The Morning Of....

Arrive at Theatre Off Jackson amidst an early-morning Seattle drizzle (summer, we barely knew thee). Upstairs, The Canoe Social Club brimming with concentrated energy. Serious discussions instead of jokes. Coffee instead of beer. At one point I was (politely) shooed away. These people are FOCUSED.

Writers have finished their plays and looks like all have been scripted and printed. Some having a meeting with their drawn director, others reviewing silently. Does everyone have titles? Let's see.

Play #1 (Celene Ramandan) - "Lone Starr"

Play #2 (Rachel Atkins) - "What's Worse"

Play #3 (MJ Sieber/DW Gibson) - "Tuesdays at Morrie's"

Play #4 (Aimee Bruneau) - "J Form"

Play #5 (Zoe Fitzgerald) - "Drive-Thru"

Play #6 (Rob Witmer/Tina La Plant) - "Thunder and Lightning"

Play #7 (Matt Smith) - "Tuba Quest"

Designers meeting in progress, too. Actors will start arriving in 30 minutes.

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