Friday, August 6, 2010

Play #7 TubaQuest design talk

I step into a rehearsal. Design team is there.

Taking of the dragon. It needs a tail

The Bird. Leggings, and a hoody. attaching wings with Velcro around the arms. Or it could be just a sleeve. Needs to be fast and easy to put on. Let’s forgo the hoody. You could cut my hoody offers Annette, the zipper is broken. “No, I don’t want to cut up your hoody.” “But the zipper is broken.” “Ok, if you will offer your hoody to the 1448 gods, great.” Also needed, a sexy witch costume. A little too old, too worn.

Actors call out… I have purlple snake skin shoes, I have gold lame skirt, I have…oh what people own in their wardrobes. If there is some sort of pouch, something in front for the dragon to spew something out of.

Is it ok for the robin wings to not be static –fabric? Yes.

Upon leaving designer Amy Lizert says, I would love to check in with you later if that is ok, you’ve given me a lot to chew on. and they exit...

Paul Morgan Stetler: We are going to create a love story between the tuba and the mouthpiece. We have to figure out how to attach you two together. All sounds can be mimed by you and have the band do it or maybe you make your own noises and

when you are apart the noises aren’t good and when you get together they are good.

And their off to choreograph the opening scene.

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