Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tech - Show 4

In the booth with Jason and Dante. They are both hard at work making sure we get the technical needs taken care of for all of these fine shows... DAMN! I just heard another person scream! What's with all of the screaming!?!?

Show 4 is a musical and I notice Jose Amador is not on the stage during the songs. Uh oh, someone shot himself in the foot while "singing" Beatle tunes last night.

There's a mic in the booth and Dante is working it. Here are a few Dante mic moments...

"Named Bruce."

"Alright, we can jump to the bottom of the page."

"That's great."

"We're ready."

Oh, I was a little quick to comment... Jose is singing in this show. My apologies, Jose. However, something seems to be missing... the Ringo wig. Bring back the gob-stopping wig, darn it!

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Rob said...

Sing out Louise! Have a great 8:00 Pioneer singers. See you at 10:30.