Friday, August 6, 2010

Halfway to the Halfway Point

Well after a substantial break I am back blogging for your reading pleasure. It's intermission right now, there is an outrageous line for the ladies' room, people are queuing for the bar, and the band is jamming: all the makings of a SMASH HIT OPENING NIGHT. The 8 p.m. show was sold out. Every seat was filled, with additional patrons lining the back walls. And Jodi gave one hell of an intro.

The mood in the green room is chipper; there were a few mistakes in Act I, but nothing serious. The audience is jovial and ready to laugh and clap and cheer. Very shortly here Act II will get underway (just got the 5 minute call). I'm especially looking forward to seeing Rob and Tina's play, "Thunder & Lighting", all the way through. Stay tuned for some Opening Night pics from the fabulous Matt Larsen.

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