Friday, August 6, 2010

And Mad Props To...

...those NOT in the spotlight, who help make this festival run smoothly. For today (Friday) I'd like to thank:

Mik Kuhlman, my fellow blog host (and super nice lady).

Esteemed photographer Matt Larson, who is also my bartender at Boom Noodle. Yes I "have" a bartender.

Paul Shipp and Jim Jewel, for a delicious lunch.

And others on the volunteer staff: Moll Frothingham (Design Team Runner); Agastya Kohli (House Manager); Miryam Gordon (Will Call); David Mills and Catherine Kettrick (Ushers); Teru McDonald (Swag Sales)

Speaking of which, 14/48 t-shirts are for sale! $20 each, I think. I'll check on that when I go downstairs.

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