Friday, August 6, 2010

Tech - Play #1

Well, the "Beatles" have gotten themselves some fake instruments; fashioned this very day from foam board and wood.

We've got 3:30, and there's no wiggle room for a late tech start. They can't start without Miranda Pratt...someone is calling her. The band continues to rehearse "Sound of Silence," squeezing in every moment they can of rehearsal. They've got me tapping my toes.

Ahren: "Has tech officially started?" Miranda: "It starts as soon as I find my stopwatch." Ahren: "My guitar is still wet." "Richard: "Don't bother with it now, it's not important."

The band breaks into the last sixteen bars of "Revolution." The guys come on, feigning a jam. They bow.

Richard's direction: "Guys, go over to where you start confabbing."

Here come the Liverpool accents they've been working on all morning. Overall grade? C+/B-

Of note: Brian Claudio Smith plays an excellent stoned musician. John Farrage looks like a stoned musician.

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