Friday, August 6, 2010

MAZEN Award Winner-Peggy Gannon

And this blog would not be complete without an intereview with the Mazen award winner...Peggy Gannon.

Who after tonight's eight o'clock show said, "We sacrifice for our art."

Oh yeah, she sacrificed her tongue muscles for this one. If you saw her show this weekend, you know exactly what I mean or if you didn’t, I think you can imagine it.

Peggy was on the steering committee for six years. 2003-2009. She has acted and “Richtered” (welcoming speech), volunteer coordinated, house managed and board op-ed. And this weekend she is A-Mazen!

So Peggy…Words of wisdom?

Always shave your legs and armpits, wax your bikini –especially in the winter, cause you never know, wear matching underthings, and carry chewing gum, you’re set. And tums. Bring tums along. It’s a gassy situation with the food and stress. And for 14/48 in general...LOVE everything that happens in the weekend, even if you think you hate it, you don’t – you love it! Some weekends, it’s the only way to get through.

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