Saturday, August 7, 2010

Food Coma/ Earnestness Sets In

After lunch, there has been a mixture of food coma and surge of creativity. Simultaneously. There are naps, and there is screaming. One thing seems not to affect the other. Also, I might just be hallucinating, but it seems as if I have heard the phrase, "poop tree" several times now. But stories are sometimes told best in pictures:

Now they are doing a version of "Thinking Man" by Rodin. As bookends.

Gary Hernandez's surge of after-lunch creativity has led him to start bashing things with a hammer.

I have had the pleasure of listening to the glorious voice of Leslie Law since lunch. Albeit through a wall.

Someone is non-plussed. Or in a food coma.

Another seance circle.


I declare dancing!

I see many liquor bottles behind Paul.

And now, to leave you with a pictoral representation of the earnestness of 14/48. See you all there!

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