Friday, August 6, 2010

Costume Check in

Hey K.D. how’s it going?

I just left a bag at home, damn. A bag with a wig and a weave.

So how's everything else going?

OK. The biggest problem is the opening with the Beatles.

What’s the problem?

Couldn’t find enough psychedelic shirts to fit the guys. So we are going with all white, the White album you know, the guru look.

Anything else that’s cropped up?

Finding more wigs.

Again for show #1?


Jena comes in with a prego belly and a big pink dress for show #5. She tells K.D., the director has nixed it - it looks too much like Maude, it won’t work. (I love Maude, Jena responds under her breath)

Charles walks in they slip her into a blue dress and are trying to figure out how to make this one fit. Length is not the issue, it’s the color. They slip another dress on her that she wants to wear for rehearsal. Charles in that great instant 14/48 fashion says, let’s go with this dress, it’ll work.

Peggy enters, gets her bridal veil headband, thinks about another part, but Charles says, no, you have 4 inch heels to deal with, that’s enough.

"Nothing like doing things on the fly,” K.D. says as she quickly nips and tucks in the veil to the headband

Are you still having fun?

I don’t know if I would describe it as fun,. I ‘m thinking oh my God, what am I going to do for the Beatles and how do I work this new phone of mine. Never mind this detail.

Anything else besides and the phone?

That’s all I’m fighting with right now. All day actually.

The fab four walk in, well three of them. They get the news that they are in white as they check in with K.D.. But they are on a break. She let’s them continue with their break so she can figure out what’s she’s doing with them all. She grabs her phone and stares at it. I don't know if she's breathing but she's upright so I think she is.

Yep she is. She figures out her phone and attempts to reach Teri at Schmee.

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