Saturday, August 7, 2010

THE LINEUP - Saturday 8/7/10 !!!!


Play #1: Manbortion
by Matt Smith
Directed by Charles Smith (no relation)
Performed by Annette Auger
Brian Claudio Smith (no relation/no relation)
Lisa Norman
Joanna Horowitz

Play #2 The Book of Answers
by MJ Sieber and DW Gibson
Directed by Stan Shields
Performed by Miriah Caine Ware
Sylvie Davidson
John Farrage

Play #3 Beyond Grave
by Aimee Bruneau
Directed by Paul Morgan Stetler
Performed by Peter Dylan O'Connor
Nik Doner
Megan Arnette


Play #4 Got a Lot of Mouths to Feed
by Robertson Witmer and Tina La Plant
Directed by Richard Ziman
Performed by Michelle Chiachiere
Buddy Mahoney
Brandon J Simmons (or Troy Fischnaller, you can't tell)
Jena Cane
Jose Amador
Play #5 The Kings
by Rachel Atkins
Directed by Opal Peachy
Performed by Bob Williams
Ahren Buhmann (last night's John Lennon)
Erin Stewart

Play #6 Sunshine
by Zoe Fitzgerald
Directed by Andy Jensen
Performed by Patrick Allcorn
Andromeday Dunker

Play #7 Sunrise, Sunset
by Celene Ramadan
Directed by Jaime Roberts
Performed by Colleen Robertson (who promised not to fuck this up)
Annette Toutonghi

this just might be another miraculous Saturday night at 14/48! Don't miss out. This show will only ever happen tonight.
tickets to tonight's 8 pm and 10:30 pm shows at
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200 PlaysIn2010 said...

Two 2-Person shows to close the night...that seems weird.

Rob said...

Why is the intermission after show #3? What the hell is going on?