Friday, August 6, 2010

Being Unheard

We saw some wigged white dressed Beatles, a man choosing between a ghost and some live flesh, a praying family that matched their table cloth, technical phone supporters and the root cause of terrorism, tango-ing entwined newlywed tongues and a pregnant kid sister, a couple of bad-ass reindeers interlocking antlers, and a ton of characters in the final piece that included a tuba, a mouthpiece, a sexy wizard, a one-winged robin and a nineties talking dragon.

The design team created instruments, an actual working door (yes they did it!), a color coordinated family, a body strapped bomb, an Sari clad Indian mother, reindeers with antlers and hoofs, and well, all those characters in show 7.

Tomorrow's theme: It's a miracle.

It IS a miracle. An absolute miracle that all of this happened in 24 hours!

What characters and objects will be given birth here in the International District Saturday night, when the lack of sleep adds into the equation? Come tomorrow night and find out, but get your tickets right now, or you may only have this and the stories of "you should have seen it."

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