Saturday, August 7, 2010

Director's Meeting

SHOW 1 - director Charles Smith - On stage there will be a piece of plastic. There will also be chocolate syrup, pies and an old timey soda fountain employee by the name of Chester.

Andy Jensen, "Chuck, does your pie fight tech have to happen in the theatre?"

SHOW 2 - director Stan 'Loud Voice' Shields - They will need a fabric dirt mound removed at the end of the show. There will also be glitter. Anyone who loves glitter might enjoy Stan's show.

SHOW 3 - director Paul Morgan Stetler - I didn't hear anything Paul said because someone was SCREAMING! Why does 'miracle' mean a shit ton of screaming?

SHOW 4 - director Richard Ziman - Again, I didn't hear what Richard said because there was more SCREAMING! This time from a different room. Great! More miracle screams.

SHOW 5 - director Opal Peachey - Now I got distracted while Deb informed me about what she feels are three of the big miracles - Jesus, Elvis and birth. Now she is gloating because all three are being presented tonight. No doubt there will be a screaming Jesus, a screaming Elvis and a screaming baby. Enough with the SCREAMING!

SHOW 6 - director Andy Jensen - Has requested a lawn chair with corn dogs for Patrick Apple-corn to eat. Awesome! How do you spell art? LAWNCHAIRPATRICKAPPLECORNDOGS.

SHOW 7 - director Jaime Roberts - There are two acts in this show... sweet Jesus dressed as Elvis. We're not going to get out of here until 3am.

SHOW 8 - The show's director steps forward and makes the request for money to get a can of beer at the corner store. What the hell?!?! EIGHT SHOWS!?!? Oh... false alarm. Not a director... just a homeless person.

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