Saturday, August 7, 2010

A moment with Alex Samuels

SLOOP - Hey, Alex! How did lunch go?

ALEX - Seemed to go fine. Jim Jewell's running the kitchen this week. No fires to put out... yet. John Bradshaw made us some awesome cookies like he always does.

SLOOP - What the hell is this about fires? This worries me... how would you handle a fire in this building?

ALEX - I'd probably go to the AL and tell them. Then I'd run like hell. Maybe warn some actors... grab the cookies.

SLOOP - This is the second time you've mentioned Mr. Bradshaw's cookies. Are they "special" cookies. Like "magically special".

ALEX - They are special cookies that make the day at 14/48 even more special... I refuse to go into any more detail. I have too much respect for John Bradshaw.

SLOOP - Thanks, Alex.

ALEX - Actually, if there was a fire it would all work out. This is 14/48 and all works out in the end.

SLOOP - OK... thanks, Alex.

ALEX - Basically my jobs for the day have been keeping people away from the food and going to pick up the pizza at 5pm. And smoking lots of cigarettes... I'm good at that job.

SLOOP - I said, 'Thanks.'

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