Friday, August 6, 2010

First Moments - Play #5

(I enter to Patrick Allcorn and Peggy Gannon in an uncompromising position on the floor.)

Peggy Gannon: "I like when I get the stage direction 'undo pants.'" "I love that Joe is pregnant."

Breakthrough in the script: "Ohhhh it's because the trailer is too big to go through the tunnel!"

(I have no idea what is going on with this play. A man and a woman are driving, pulling a trailer, and getting all touchy/feely/grabby in the front seat. They grind to a stop [the car does, I mean]. Another woman is outside, giving some sort of direction? What what? All disperse for a break. Guess I shall remain befuddled until tech rehearsal.)

While on break I chat with Jena Cane. She mentions the book Imagination First. Co-author Eric Liu, who lives in Seattle, attended 14/48 a few years ago and was blown away, resulting in 14/48 - and its process of working on instinct and using imaginative thinking - being listed in the book. Lincoln Center Institute is holding "Imagination Conversations" in all 50 states throughout the year and using the book as reference. Seattle Represent!

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