Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven O'clock Meeting

Ok, here we go...

Everyone, come out for curtain call

Show seven describes the end of their show

A song

Everyone is to join in

Stage Managers report...

Don’t walk through the curtain

You will hit a wall

Act One has lots of large furniture moving

Between two and three is the worse so look out

We need a wall charger for Lou’s phone to call a que during the show

About three people responded.

And in walks K.D. with a few wigs she is now shoving onto the fab four heads.

Do you have something Annette?

No, I’m just stretching.

And the infamous last minute words…

8 o’clock show, Opening night energy

10:30 show, Closing night energy

and everyone is released and the noise decibels rise as last minute details are being attended to. There is a comment from the fab four about looking like Jesus, another talking of the red hues in his wig-different guy i think, but not sure as neither Jesus nor the Beatles sported red hair.

The now rested playwrights have re-emerged, there is a call out for a curling iron and K.D. is still working on a costume, scissors in hand and only interrupted for a share of the Mazen with the great Peggy Gannon.

And the room quickly goes quiet as everyone runs off to do their final preps.

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