Saturday, August 7, 2010


14/48 provides a wonderous assortment of noises coming from the various rehearsal areas. I am blogging in an upstairs area when I hear "Arthur's Theme", by Christopher Cross, emanating from the floorboards. Once I satisfy myself that it isn't actually the floorboards singing, or a particularly talented colony of Carpenter Ants, or the ghosts of the Wing Luke Asian Art Museum, which formerly occupied this space, I take it upon myself to investigate further. I travel through a labyrinth of production spaces, where Mazen Award winner Gary Menendez sweats over today's list of ridiculous requests for set pieces and Michael Mowrey carries a crate that is to be a Pioneer Wagon to find the theater. Inside, the band prepares. By now, they have moved on, and are rehearsing "Ain't No Sunshine", by the venerable Bill Withers. I think Leslie Law sounds better than you, Bill. No offense.

Here they are folks.
Jason Anderson
Alan Echison
Banton foster
Leslie Law
Michael Owcharuk

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