Friday, August 6, 2010

Tech - Play #6

Time check: we're 15 minutes behind schedule.

omg reindeers. We've got reindeers here.

Most impressed by the prop assemblage here: North Pole sign, sleigh bells, reindeer hats of sorts.

While waiting, Brandon J. Simmons whistles "Sleigh Ride." Band member: "That's some good whistlin'."

Evidence of the band's awesomeness. Director Jaime Roberts: "OK so the reindeers are going to fight and bump heads. I need you to play some of that Animal Planet type of music." Band: "All right."

"Your cue is the line ending in 'ungulate.'" "Uh, what's an ungulate?" (It means, roughly, "being pawed" or "hoofed animal").

Besides being a expert whistler, Brandon J. Simmons plays a truly excellent reindeer.

Aaaaaand scene! Cue kazoo.

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Rob said...

Hooray! (the reindeer, not that 10 min behind).