Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Vet/Virgin Writing Pair

Play #3 Mj Sieber and DW Gibson, the writers
Tuesdays AT Morries (emphasis on AT)

wrote until 4am and woke up at 7 to tinker again and make sure they had writting something close to a play. It was close. They're still wondering.

Opal Peechy is directing

She's dialed in and already in hyper gear setting up props and scene
Machine Peechy they called her.

Opal says it's cause she has had two donuts plus she knows it's the smartest thing to do to talk to design right away. As she's talking to me, a designer comes up and starts talking to her, about reality TV show. Opal is hoping she can do some fun acne with the guy. The designer tells Opal this is her favorite one upon reading them.

Excited by: Intimate nature of space. The show has to do with very minute relationships in a family.
Challenge: selecting an actor who can play a kid. and trying to find a fresh way to approach the space. Immediately she went to the stage to see how she can change up the space. being the third play of the night she knows it's good to throw in a new perspective at this time. She sat in several seats to see what her challenges in the space were. The only thing you can do is make a strong choice. Her first choice was to move a booth from the upstairs lounge but no-can-do. so...she makes another.

See it's coffee and donuts that make the machine, it's Opal Peechy that makes the art.

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