Friday, August 6, 2010

Band Check-In

The directors have congregated upstairs to have a meeting with the design team. Actors are off rehearsing, memorizing, whatever.

But I head downstairs to see how the band is doing. They're in rehearsal mode; seems like they've figured out what they need to do - what everyone's requirements are - and are walking through each piece order to clean everything up. At this moment they break into a cover of the Beatles' "Revolution." Sounds good, guys! Oh no, in comes Richard Ziman. "You sound great doing this, but we need to get to the end of it. I want the last sixteen bars of this, as if we were hearing them finish." "Uh, I don't know what the end sounds like." I help by pulling up the song on YouTube and playing the end.

For my money, I'm looking forward to Celene's play (directed by Richard) the most.

That done, it's time to rehearse "Sound of Silence." Not sure which play this is for, but it's sort of a jazzy, country-twang edition, with Banton Foster on banjo. OK, it's not for a play, but is "Top of Show"; the show opener.

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