Friday, August 6, 2010

Drool and Tossled hair - a Virgin and a Vet

Two writers who worked in tandem sit in a booth here at Theatre off Jackson - dreaming of the beds they missed last night.
They finished at 1 this morning because they got kicked out of the bar they were working in
and then they met up at 7am and tinkered with it.

Jaime Roberts virgin director-but not new to the festival-grabbed the envelope that contained play #6 written by the duo writers Robertson Witmer and Tina La Plant.

Jaime first impressions: it's going to be a show about timing and chracterisation and a big bucket of fun.

Biggest challenge: timing of special effects

and the one thing the writers were told not to do, they managed to do, that's how phenomenal of writers they are and Jaime gets the challenge of pulling it off. and what is that one thing....

you have to come see.

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