Saturday, August 7, 2010

Break time already?

It's lunch already. I'm skeptical that anyone has been working yet, given the inanity of the noises I've been hearing. But let's look at the evidence, shall we?

Exhibit A: Miriah Caine Ware and John Farrage

Exhibit B: Bob Williams

At least Opal Peachey is doing wall sits!

And Buddy Mahoney is hunting dinner, so that's helpful too.

Banton Foster just looks like he's sitting around and playing his guitar. Clearly, that's not work.

Salo has put on a good working face, but closer examination of the picture reveals toddler toys.

actor Andromeda Dunker might be working, or she might just be participating in a staring contest.

Nik Doner and Peter Dylan O'Connor in a pose-off.

The little tiki statue on the desk tells me that Richard Ziman is putting curses on people.

Patrick Allcorn is just hungry- this must be right before lunch break.

I have no idea what Jena Cane and Michelle Chiachiere are doing, but it looks suspiciously like a scene on my bus ride over here this morning.

Aha! I caught you, Jason Anderson. I might not know how to play a guitar, but I'm pretty sure you don't play it with a handi-grip ballpoint pen.

I will now present this evidence to the jury:

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