Friday, August 6, 2010

Interview with Blog host, Amy Mikel

An interview with Blogger Amy Mikel

So you’re a virgin 14/48er but not a virgin blogger correct?

That’s true. I have several years of blogging experience. But I am as virgin as they come for 14/48. I don’t think there could be a more pure virgin.

In other words, you haven’t even seen a 14/48?

Correct. I haven’t even heard of it. I have only been inseattle about 18 months. I am still learning the art scene here. I come from Chicago. A good friend of mine, Jeremy Barker, an arts and entertainment editor for the Sunbreak (an online blog/magazine ) told me about it and asked me if I was interested. I love working with him because I can feel the love for the art and the artists from him.

Obviously, that’s something you hold as a value. Were you involved in blogging the art scene there?

I’m mostly a dance writer. But for the past six months I have been trying to get into the theatre scene. The art scene here rivals the scene in Chicago if not better. In terms of people willing to take risks and out right creativity. It blows me away.

What else have you observed since you’ve been here in Seattle?

Seattle, in general, is so accepting. The way they treat you on the street is the same way they treat their artists. It’s as if they say, “That’s cool, I see who you are. I’m not going to judge you.” There is a freedom here. And the level of support in the community is outstanding. I sound like I am kissing someone’s ass here. I don’t know who’s ass it is but…actually, the sentiments, as sappy as they sound, are really what I feel. Each city has it’s own energy and Seattle definitely has a personality.

There is always something going on. Your head would explode if you tried to follow all of it. Look around…We are in a recession and shows are sold out. There is so much support for the arts, people keep showing up.

What got you started blogging?

I’m a city girl. I love living in a city and thriving in that energy and I love to share that energy and what I have learned. Blogging gives me the opportunity to experience all this beauty here. And to try to entice other people to partake in that beauty too. So much is being created all around us and I get to see that and I get to share it.

What’s the biggest challenge for blogging?

The impulse is to write what ever you feel. Trying to cull through the excessive garbage and get to the true meaning - the actual intent. There is no word count as in print so it’s important to edit and get the heart and give that. Also, it’s posting in the now, not so much reflection but still making it relevant and useful.

Do your work as an artist?

I’m actually a dancer. I don’t do it as a profession, but I identify with dancers, with movement. Not just dancers – it’s movement, dealers at casinos or the way a busy diner in Chicago works at lunch hour, it’s like choreography.

What do you see as the dance of 14/48?

I have to defer that question until after I see tech.

Ok, we’ll talk later…

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