Friday, August 6, 2010

An interview with Vet actor, Jena Cane

An interview with Vet actor, Jena Cane

This is what number for you?

I can’t remember. I said ten last night but I really don’t know. A lot. I didn’t do the first one but I saw it. It was at Seattle Mime Theatre where we had two musicians – we only had TWO -both on guitar, Jeremy Koeping and Jose Hernado. Jeremy is a hot musician in Voyager One as well as a new band she noticed on the cover of a recent Seattle magazine. Sadly, Jose passed away last summer so Jena is dedicating this show to him.

What’s your challenge today?

I should play into everyone’s joke about me and say ‘not forgetting my lines’ but that’s not the fact. The challenge today is….Honoring the sweetness of the script, not trying to make big conflicts and action and of course…because of the theme…BEING HEARD!

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