Friday, August 6, 2010

The design team reads

ah the morning challenges...

I decided to start with the design team. Mazen award winner Gary Menendez hands me a script...look at this one...

Play #7 Matt Smith

A MOUTH PIECE, meekly enters and makes a few spitty, buzzy mouthpiece noises. A TUBA enters making weak tuba noises. A ROBIN with one wing enters.

the designers start talking...

what is a mouth piece?
football? no this one is for a tuba.
it's roundish, it's a mouthpeice.
what do i know, i played the piano
michael draws it for another designer
but it's suppose to be a person
Dante suggests hoop skirt and cover it in aluminum foil?
it would be funny
we do have acess to the schmee (Theatre Smeater who generously gives us access to their wardrobe and props)

have you seen this one?
can you do the four Beattles in their post transidental meditation stage? (Play #1)

other design challenges....
a dragon fly
a ghost
two reindeer from santas team

I have checked back in after the actor draw and find the designers talking about the MOUTHPIECE character. " we need to see the tuba and the actor together before we can figure out how to make the character."

" ohh i'm calling donna maybe she can bring me her dog's cone of shame."

Dante gives the designers advice
don't be afraid to ask for help
we have volunteers
and take a break
it's easy to forget to take a break.

KD shill a design virgin and new to the festival.
she looks to the others, what do we do? where do we go? they all run off for a break. she sits alone in the room, looking at her papers.

why did you particpate? they've asked me for years and every time i busy with another production or on vacation. this year they didn't ask me. i can do this time, so she contacted them and her she is.

The challenge on her list is the lone star with the Beattles because they are well known characters. they do and when Jose sits down as Ringo we're going to break that sterotype. (ok that's not real casting but just a throw away phrase).

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